They’re light years out of their comfort zone...

Dots and Diamond is a surreal, fantastical and completely nuts road-movie-style show about two utterly naive suburbanites lost in the byways of the multiverse. Dots, a hyper intelligent dog scientist, and Diamond, the idiot cat who pretty much wrecks everything always, suddenly have to deal with Extreme Diversity on a daily basis.

Every new and bizarre world they crash-land in will sorely test assumptions about what they thought was true. If you think the multiverse is weird, wait ‘til you meet the people who live there.

Dots (a yellow anthropomorphic dog wearing galsses and a belt) has an old-style computer panel open. Diamond (A light blue and white cat with yellow eyes) is resting on top, holding a microchip.

Parallel realities have a way of shaking you out of your comfort zone

The first season of Dots & Diamond delves into Dot's and Diamond's quest to find their way back home as they encounter many worlds, traveling forward and backwards in time. Their wacky adventures lead to another discovery; that true friendship is the best thing you can find.

All the creatures they meet will be walking, talking anthropomorphic animals, usually with surprising and unexpected attitudes. Any famous events or people from history will always be seen in the guise of animals – with a curiously different attitude.

Dots & Diamond will delight audiences both young and young at heart. For a full pitch bible including more detail about the characters and story of Dots & Diamond, reach out to us using the contact form.

Diamond (a blue and white anthropomorphic cat) gives Dots (a yellow anthropomorphic dog) a pat on the shoulder and thumbs up.
Dots (a yellow anthropomorphic dog wearing galsses and a belt) and Diamond (A light blue and white cat with yellow eyes) peering through a mess of colourful cables.

Scott Edgar

Director & Show Runner

Scott is well known in Australia as a comedian, musician and a member of the award-winning group Tripod. He works extensively across games and animation as a writer, actor and artist with projects including Cartoon Network’s Monster Beach, as well as illustrating children's books for publishers including Penguin Random House.

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Troy Bellchambers

Production Designer

Troy is co-founder, Director and CCO of Monkeystack, where he is also a Lead Creative and Art Director. Working commercially in the areas of 2D, 2.5D and 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Media, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design and Illustration, you could say he knows his stuff when it comes to animation. He has produced work for clients including Nickelodeon, KidsCo UK and ABC.

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Justin Wight

Executive Producer

Justin is co-founder and CEO of Monkeystack, where he has directed and produced award-winning animation, games, VR, experiential installations, as well as educational applications. His notable animation series work includes Zuzu and the Supernuffs with Matchbox Pictures for NBCU’s Kids Co as well as the award-winning web series and accompanying game Double Happy Vs. The Infinite Sadness.

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Monkeystack is an engine room for the creation animation and games. Established in 2004 Monkeystack is a multi-international award-winning team that have worked on hundreds of experiences ranging from animation series through to games, experiential installations and everything in-between. The team are passionate creatives, and have worked with the likes of Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Kids Co and the ABC amongst many others.

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Diamond (a blue and white cat) eating mayo out of a tub
Seymour (a floating computer) recharging, wearing a sleeping cap and hugging a pink bunny toy.
Dots (a yellow and white dog) playing a handheld gaming system